Christmas starts with Christ

Christmas is the time of year when even the least creative people get excited by arts and crafts. There is so much on offer in every shop, in every school classroom and at home – homemade gifts and cards are a great idea! Here are our top 10 ideas for crafts which keep the meaning […]

Be an innkeeper

All Age Talk for Advent/Christmas This might also work well for a Crib service or other event where children come dressed up as nativity characters. Gathering Ask the children if they know what special time of year we are in at the moment. Some of them might talk about Christmas. Remind them of the calendars […]

ADVENTurous ideas

Over the years we have highlighted a number of resources for use during Advent. Although this is a busy time with so much going on in readiness for Christmas, it’s also a really rich opportunity to communicate a deeper message and meaning to the celebrations. We would really encourage you to use at least one […]