Who is the light?

Who is the light?– all-age talk

Taken from the Scripture Union ‘Light Party’ Pack 2018

All resources mentioned available to download from www.lightparty.org.uk

  • Download the Bible words video for children based on John 1:1-5,9-13 from the Contemporary English Version and New International Version. Invite the children to watch carefully and think abut who or what it might be about. After they have watched it, ask them who or what they think it might be about. Don’t just tell them straight away.
  • Ask the children if they have any questions about Halloween that they want to talk about. Encourage the children to get into small groups with a confident leader to chat about them. (You can find advice about some possible answers on the website above)
    Top tips on tacking children’s questions
    – don’t ignore them or treat them lightly
    – pray before the light party and ask God to guide you as you respond
    – be genuinely interested in the children and young people and what they are saying, take time to listen and don’t just fire off your pre-prepared answer
    – find an answer that you understand and believe, that’s consistent with the Bible, then work out how to say it so that the unchurched child or young person can understand
    – if you’re not sure what they mean, ask them to say their question in another way
    – let other children or young people give their thoughts
    – if you don’t know the answer – say so! They will appreciate your honesty. However, try to find the answer if you can, make a note and look it up or ask a friend and try and get back to them by the end of the event.


  • Jesus the Light
    For this you will need; the most powerful torch you can find, a cardboard ‘window frame’, strips of cardboard, sticky tape, red or orange cellophaneLight helps us see things as they really are. If there’s a power cut, we grab a big torch. We need to see (shine the light into the corners again but not into the children’s eyes)Light shows the way think of an aircraft coming into land on a runway at night (place your torch on the floor, shining up at the ceilingJesus is like light. He comes from God; he tells people how things really are – the truth about God, the world and themselves. He shows them the way to be friends with God. Believing and trusting in Jesus is the way to be friends with God. He shows people God’s live and attracts them to himself by it. He brings the very best kind of light into people’s dark lives.
  • Light attracts us (hold up your ‘window frame’ and shine the torch through from behind it) imagine you’re heading home on a dark, snowy night. The lights from the windows are so warm and welcoming, you just want to be there.
  • Light warns us like a lighthouse when there are rocks around that would be dangerous for ships (Flick the torch on and off several times)
  • Make up your ‘window frame’ in advance. Onto your cardboard frame stick cross-piece of card to make it look like a window. Then stick the cellophane to the back.
    Switch off most of the other lights (but not if it will upset children) and switch on the torch. Shine it into all the dark corners of your venue. Ask the children why light is such a good thing and value their answers.

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