48 hours offline, complete digital blackout, could you cope?


This is the challenge that Open Doors, international ministry serving persecuted Christians, is setting young people. It is a 48-hour digital fast. It involves raising money and prayer by spending a whole weekend without your phone, the internet, social networking or anything else involving the web.


Around the world, many Christians have no voice. Millions are persecuted, threatened, beaten, arrested, tortured and some are even killed for their choice to follow Jesus. They are being silenced. By getting sponsored to go quiet online you’ll raise money for Christians in Syria who have fled horrific persecution and are still homeless, needing food, medicine and shelter. Plus you can use the time you’re not spending on your phone in prayer, making a massive noise before God for your persecuted family.


Blackout is taking place from 7pm on Friday 26th October to 7pm on Sunday 28th October (but if the dates don’t suit you can do Blackout whenever you like)

You can order resources at  and there is a ‘Guts and Courage’ devotional particularly suited for young people aged under 21 at where you can also download prayer posters and much more.

You can sign up to raise money through justgiving

  • challenge young people in  your church to take part
  • plan an event/sleepover where you can take the challenge together
  • raise money as a church and take part as a whole congregation

Don’t forget to let us and Blackout know if you are taking part. Email us to let us know how you get on

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