Application Deadline

The final opportunity to apply for a grant in children and youth ministry this year is drawing near.

The deadline for applications is 31 October.

Grant Application Form

Grant Gweinidogaeth Plant Ieuenctid Ffurflen Gais

Our criteria for these grants is very simple the grant must either be

  • to support new work with children and young people – this can be to start up any new initiative, there is no limit as to how creative this opportunity can look, the age group, the type of group. We are however particularly keen to support new work with young people aged 10+
  • to provide opportunities to take your current work to the next level. This is to add new energy, to provide resources or to add an element to current work to increase the impact. This could be something like adding in some youth provision to your Messy Church, working with parents using the ‘Inspire’ course to supplement the work you do in your Sunday School, purchasing some discipleship material to use with your youth group.

We are looking to make the biggest possible impact with the money that we give so we do ask that you let us know how you think this will impact the work you are undertaking and what the provision will look like in the future.

We also ask you write a follow-up report and that we come and visit you to see if things are working out as you planned and if there is any additional support we can offer.

The grants are currently made available twice a year.

To improve this service we offer we would love to have any feedback from you about

  1. The application form itself
  2. The criteria we use
  3. The process of application – timing, the way you receive information etc.
  4. The follow-up process

Please do get in touch by the end of October to let us know and we can put things in place for next year to improve this way of supporting children and youth ministry.

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