Resources Catalogue

You may not know what is available to borrow from the Diocesan Office – there are all sorts of fantastic resources which may help you in some of the things you wish to do with children and young people


Title Author Category
52 Games that teach the Bible Rainbow Books Games
A Church for all ages Peter Graystone All age
Acting Up Dave Hopwood Children’s Teaching
Advent Experience Resource Pack Clare Williams Schools and Churches working together
Angels with Dirty Faces Ishmael (Kingsway) Theory (Children)
Big Ideas for small youth groups Patrick Angier & Nick Aiken Youth Teaching
Children and Bereavement Wendy Duffy Theory
Children Finding Faith Francis Bridger Theory (Chilren)
Colours of God Diane Murrie Children’s Teaching
Cosmo the Christ Church Cat Patrick Thomas Other Stories
Creating a Learning Church Margaret Cooling All age
Experience Easter Resource Pack Clare Williams Schools and churches working together
Favourite Bible Stories Rainbow Books Children’s Teaching
Festivals Together Sandra Millar All-age worship
Fidget Busters Jolene Roehlkepartain Children’s Teaching
Finders Keepers Greg Leavers CD
From the Ground Up Kathryn Copsey Theory (Children)
Getting it across Nick Fawcett All age
Guide to Tailored Teaching for 5 – 9s Sue Price Theory (Children)
Honouring Children Kathleen Marshall & Paul Pervis Theory (Children)
How Faith Grows ? Theory (Children)
Including Children Susan Sayers Children’s Teaching
Instant Inspiration for assemblies, classrooms and mid-week clubs Zoe Crutchley & Veronica Parnell Children’s Teaching
Jesus and his Friends Bible Explorer Bible Stories
Jesus does amazing things Bible Explorer Bible Stories
Messy Church 3 Lucy Moore Children’s Teaching
Mosaic SU Children’s Teaching
More Easter Cracked SU Children’s Teaching
My Communion Book Diane Murrie Other
My Little Green Book Scripture Union Bible Reading
Play and Pray through Advent Lynn Chambers/Kay Warrington Children’s Teaching
Play and Pray through Lent Kay Warrington Children’s Teaching
Projects for Autumn Joan Jones Craft
Projects for Christmas Mary Ann Green Craft
Projects for Spring Celia McInnes Craft
Projects for Winter Celia McInnes Craft
Pray and Play (Tiddlywinks) Scripture Union Under 5s (Craft)
Puppets in Praise Stuart Holt Children’s Teaching
Quick Crowd-breakers & games for youth groups Group Publishing Youth Teaching
Roots Roots Magazine Teaching Material
Saying Good-bye to Greg Christine Chapman Other
Signposts from Proverbs Rhiannon Weber Youth Teaching
Splash S.U Children’s Teaching
Stories, stories everywhere Sandra Pollermane Theory (Children)
Sunday School format & planning Clare Williams Children’s Teaching
Taking Children Seriously Richard Hubbard Theory (Children)
The Best of Powerpack Bob Moffet Youth Teaching
The Big Story Martyn Payne Children’s Teaching
The Easter Alphabet Anne Faulkner Children’s Teaching
The Frightful Food Feud Brian Sibley Other Stories
The Life of Jesus through the eyes of an artist David Barton with Joe Fageant Children’s Teaching
The Life of Jesus through the eyes of an artist (Teacher’s Guide) David Barton with Joe Fageant Children’s Teaching
There is a Season Margaret Pritchard All Age Services
The Story of Elijah Bible Explorer Bible Stories
The Story of Noah Bible Explorer Bible Stories
Things to make and do Palm Tree Craft
Touching the Future Gill Dallow Theory (Children)
Under-fives Welcome Kathleen Crawford Under 5s (Theory)
Working with Bereaved Children and Young People Brenda Mallon Theory
Worship Together Sandra Millar All-age worship
Beibl Newydd y Plant Scripture Union Beibl
Miri a Myfyrydd trwy’r Garawys Kay Warrington Adnoddau Dysgu Plant
Godly Play Resources
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 1
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 2
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 3
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 4
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 5
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 6
The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 7
Following Jesus – Sonja Stewart
Young Children and Worship – Sonja Stewart

Other resources

Godly Play

  • Noah’s Ark
  • Mr and Mrs Noah
  • 5 animal pairs and dove
  • Tabernacle structure
  • Artefacts for Tabernacle
  • Temple
  • Temple artefacts

Sports Resources

  • 3-legged race kit
  • Sacks
  • Egg and spoon kit
  • Skipping ropes
  • Green and red flags
  • Medals
  • Stickers
  • Cones
  • Blow up trophy

Prayer Spaces

  • Bubble tube
  • Mirror tiles
  • Pop-up tent
  • Cardboard box
  • Play doh
  • Large world map
  • Vitamin tablets and large vase
  • Laminated instructions – bilingual

Summer Salt

  • 2 large outdoor Summer Salt flags
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Resources for summer salt planning games/stories e.g. rubber rings, stilt walkers, blue cloth, a pair of oars etc.

Additional resources also available – please ask!

Don’t forget all our resources in terms of planning can be found in the blog archive online – planning sessions for children and youth groups, assemblies, Messy Church and much, much more.

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