Autumn Planning

Back to school for so many of us also means back to regular routines. With many groups having shut down for the summer it can seem all too soon time to get planning again.

Never fear!

As ever, on the blog we provide session templates for both youth groups and groups working with children. These are not designed necessarily to be picked up and used as they are – although you can do this. Rather they are there as a session template which can be used and adapted to suit your own situation.

In terms of our children’s resources there is a simple Bible passage, a game and a craft. We suggest finding your own ways to tell a story or communicate the Bible message in a way which suits you. Of course the idea behind the session can be used in any context – Messy Church, Sunday School, a school based club or even a toddler group. We are also encouraging a simple time of prayer and reflection where God’s providence and goodness is considered by the children and they think about what God might be doing or able to do in their lives. This will necessarily be guided by your own creativity as a leader.

Our resources for youthwork are split into sections. Each session begins with an opening activity which is usually an active whole group activity to introduce the theme for the week. Then the young people are introduced to a key Bible verse and a creative idea is suggested to encourage the group to memorise the verse. After this there is a game which normally involves splitting into teams. There are then two suggested activities which means a more manageable session for a larger group or a longer session – however you wish to work it. Finally each session ends with a time of reflection, often with a chance for the young people to make a response or commitment. We would of course encourage sessions to have some free time too as well as time for food and chat together.

We hope you enjoy using these sessions – please let us know how you get on.

8 youth group sessions on the ‘Faith Toolkit’

Youth Group Planning – Toolkit of Faith

Children’s group planning right up until Christmas!

Children’s group planning Autumn 2018




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