2018 Audit

This information has been presented to the Bishop and her Senior Staff.

During the early part of 2018 data was collected from churches across the Diocese, looking at our contact with children and young people in order to compare data from the audit completed in early 2016. This is not just Sunday attendance but includes all the ways in which we engage with children and young people.

Comparative data 2016-2018Numbers of children and young people in contact with churches in the archdeaconries of St Davids and Carmarthen have increased, whilst there has been a decline in the archdeaconry of Cardigan. However, despite the lower numbers, this archdeaconry still has contact with the highest percentage of its 0-18 population and the archdeaconry of St Davids has the highest number of children and young people in regular contact with churches. The archdeaconry of Carmarthen is only in contact with 0.6 of the 0-18 population.

In total as a Diocese we have contact with 1739 children and young people which equals 2% of the population aged 0-18 in the geographical area.

The most concerning statistics are the number of children and young people who are in regular contact with a church but for whom there is no group provision and therefore no opportunity for age-appropriate discipleship. This number totals 603 which has risen from 233 in 2016. There has also been significant decline in our work with young people from contact with 409 in 2016 to 356 in 2018.

Types of groups

Youth Groups

Year Groups Numbers of young people
2016 15 215
2018 15 149

In addition to the decline in numbers it is important to note that the 15 youth groups are not the same 15 youth groups as in 2016.

Youth Groups by Archdeaconry

Parent and Toddler Groups

Year Groups Numbers of children
2016 7 150
2018 14 222

One of the most effective ways of reaching families with an average attendance of 15 children per group.

Parent & Toddler Groups by Archdeaconry

Messy Church

Year Groups Numbers of children
2016 15 207
2018 19 255

Messy Church continues to be an area of growth, rising from just 8 groups in 2012. However this growth may mask the fact that several groups have also closed in the last 2 years.

Messy Churches by Archdeaconry

Sunday Schools

Year Groups Numbers of children
2016 35 314
2018 35 248

Average attendance at Sunday Schools is low, with only 7 children per group.

Sunday Schools by Archdeaconry

Other Children’s Groups (including after school clubs)

Year Groups Numbers of children
2016 12 166
2018 17 262

There has been a significant increase in the provision of Children’s groups between 2016 and 2018 with an increase of around 100 attending these groups. This is the only type of group where there is an increase in each Archdeaconry.

Children's Groups by Archdeaconry

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