What’s on?

Yes, the summer has only just begun Yes, some of us are enjoying our holidays Yes, we may be very busy running summer events But…already we are thinking about the autumn and what events and opportunities are coming up in the Diocese. Here are some highlights and dates for your diary To book or to […]

Plastic Free

A big theme at the moment – thanks to David Attenborough! – is the idea of becoming ‘plastic free’ and reducing our use of single use plastics. Sustainability and good stewardship of the environment is a really good theme to explore with children and young people, and particularly over the summer period this can be […]

Being Salt

Salt is versatile and unique. It is the only mineral we eat. It’s used on roads to keep them safe and in saline drip-feeds in hospitals; as a condiment on food and to soften hard water. It has over 14,000 uses and is referred to in The Bible more than thirty times.  Some mentions from […]

End of term

An idea to use for collective worship or an all-age service exploring the idea of ‘moving on’ Theme: Moving On Bible Reading Mark 6:7-13 Preparation Prepare the three readers for the Introduction. You could take the part of mum/dad One female and one male reader from KS2 to play the brother and sister Introduction Starts […]

Rural Mission

Sometimes we can feel overshadowed in the rural church by larger urban churches. Sometimes we don’t always think that small churches ‘do mission’. Rural Mission Sunday is promoted by ‘Germinate’: The Arthur Rank Centre. They are passionate about the importance of small churches: they (like we!) know they do mission and we want to celebrate […]