Summer Planning

This planning spans right across the summer and explores the lectionary of the church. This is the set of readings for each Sunday. One taken from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament, a Psalm and the Gospel reading.

The lectionary is a rich resource which shouldn’t be overlooked. It works across a three-year cycle which allows for a huge breadth of reading of the Biblical Canon and doesn’t focus wholly on one part of Scripture.

The lectionary also means there will be great variety in what your Sunday sessions might be looking at. This planning includes;

  • A focus on one of the psalms – more of a tricky area to focus on with no ‘story’ but rather a poetic exploration of what God is like.
  • Some thematic work e.g. a session for ‘Sea Sunday’ on 8th July
  • Opportunities to spend time outside and take part in some ‘summer’ activities
  • Gospel-focused planning for most sessions looking at the stories of the life of Jesus and what that means for us today
  • A simple structure of introduction, story, game and craft. We suggest a version of the text but there are many places to find good, ‘child friendly’ versions of the Biblical lectionary. We also leave it up to you to expand on this teaching and explore what the children can ‘take away’ from the session – how will it change you this week?

So here is your 11 week plan lasting from this Sunday up until the end of August – enjoy!

Children’s Group Summer Lectionary planning

Good luck! Let us know what you get up to this summer

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