Continuing our Easter journey

armour of GodFrom Easter onwards is a really lovely time in the church’s year. It’s a time when we can explore some of the deepest truths of our faith – such as the mystery of the resurrection – and also some of the most joyful celebrations – such as Pentecost.

This set of planning chooses to focus however on what it means to be a believer and follower of Jesus and how we need to equip ourselves for the task of following him. It looks at the Ephesians passage of putting on the armour of God, thinking about what that means in reality and looking at each ‘piece’ of the armour and how God wants us to act and think and prepare ourselves for following him in the light of the Easter message.

Planning for eight youth group sessions on the armour of God using games, drama, activities, craft and opportunities for reflection.

Why not intersperse these sessions with a games night, a film night, a quiz night or perhaps a trip somewhere? We are also offering a ‘Games and Grill’ session during half term, 11am – 2pm in Milford Haven. Email us for more information or to book a place for a young person aged 10-17

Youth – Armour of God

Here is also planning for eight sessions for a Sunday school or other children’s group (perhaps an After school club) using the same theme – the armour of God.

Children – Armour of God

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