Where Adventure Begins

Where-adventure-begins-PhotoOn February 7th in St Peter’s Carmarthen there will be a performance called ‘Where Adventure Begins’ by Riding Lights Theatre Company.

This is a play all about the experiences of Christian faith at home. written and directed by Paul Burbridge designed by Sean Cavanagh and Anna Gooch presented by New Wine and Riding Lights Theatre Company

Family is far from simple…

Brace yourselves as bold church leaders plunge headlong into the dizzy world of young discipleship. Gasp as perplexed parents hang on for the white-knuckle ride of the teenage years. Thrill in amazement as overworked, relentlessly positive Youth Worker, Ryan, negotiates a string of minor disasters on the famous camping trip to Wales. And what of Winston the cat’s role in family prayers?

Meet Jake, Jasmine and Ellie as they re-live their childhood and teenage experiences of Christian faith at home and at church.

Nobody knows how it will turn out, but everyone’s agreed that we need to keep together on the adventure of faith.

We are really lucky that the opportunity to see this production is being brought to our Diocese and it is not too late to get tickets!


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