Prayer Spaces in Schools


Our Prayer Spaces in Schools training day is happening in March. Here, guest blogger Liz Ogborne tells us more…

“Prayer Spaces are happening in schools all over the UK and beyond. We know that over a million children and young people have used a Prayer Space in their school, probably many more.


So what is a Prayer Space?

For a week, or a few days, a classroom, hall or library is transformed into a place where children or young people can explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way. Simple, easily-accessed resources are used to create a range of prayer activities which are multi-sensory and interactive. Each activity helps the children or young people to pray about, or reflect on, a spiritual theme such as giving thanks, forgiveness, creation, relationships, identity or justice.


Prayer Spaces are an opportunity for children and young people to encounter God during their school day. They inspire a sense of awe and wonder and give participants space to draw their own conclusions. They open up the experience of prayer to children and young people in a fresh, creative way.


Prayer Spaces work in every type of school: primary, secondary, middle, state, church, independent, 6th form college. They build relationship between church and school and provide a simple, un-intrusive way to grow the spiritual lives of students.


What do teachers say?

“The prayer space was way more than just a quiet room. Often you see that those spaces are empty and just not in use. But this time it was really alive”

“A prayer space gives students time for reflection in our busy curriculum…(it) fills a genuine need for students to reflect on some of the big issues affecting their lives”

What do pupils say?

“It felt like the truth in here”

“That was so much fun – when are you coming to do another one?”

“I’m sorry about the children in Syria, I’m glad I get to pray for them”

“Although I am an atheist it was nice to see what could be on offer”

“Thank you so much for letting me think about everything that’s happened and relieving stress”

 Inspired to find out more?!

Then come along to St Mary’s in Swansea on Saturday 10th March from 10am-4pm.

You can expect to:

  • learn about what prayer spaces are and how they work
  • hear stories and examples from local people who have already run prayer spaces
  • explore a range of prayer space activities suitable for schools
  • receive training on the practical steps required to set up and run an engaging safe and appropriate prayer space in a school setting.

I hope to see you there!



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