Help! I’m not ready for a new term!

This week marks time for ‘back to school’ for most of our children and young people across the country.

We too are probably thinking about planning and preparation for our groups starting back this week or very soon.

Here is some planning for children and youth groups which might help you get started. We update the blog on a termly basis with differentiated planning by age group.

We would consider children’s groups to be anything which caters for school age children up to 10 or 11 years old. This might be an after school club, Sunday School, some of the planning can be adapted to fit a Messy Church context. The planning for children sometimes follows the Church in Wales lectionary and sometimes, like this set, follows a theme for a number of weeks. The planning is always Bible based and includes a story, a game and a craft.

Find the planning for children’s groups here. Children’s group Planning January 2018

Youth starts really at age 10, it’s important to catch children in their last year of primary school before they transition to secondary school. Youth groups can cater for up to age 25 but our planning is aimed at those around the ages of 10-16. This can be used in or out of school, on a Sunday or as part of a mid-week group. Some of the reflection planning may even be suitable for a ‘God slot’ in a more secular youth group. The planning follows a theme for a term and normally involves an opening activity or ice-breaker, a Bible passage the session is based on, games or other activities including cooking, drama and craft and then a short reflection to finish.

Find the planning for youth groups here. Youth Group Planning January 2018


We hope you enjoy – please let us know how you got on or send us photos of your groups using some of these ideas.


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