A year in God’s hands

In 2018 we have identified some key areas of priority which group together many of our events and activities taking place over the next 12 months.

These are;


We identified training as a priority to continue to equip and enable both clergy and lay people, volunteers and those paid to work with children and young people for the task. Most of this is practical training in children and youth work although we are offering some training which will help with other necessary things such as safeguarding and food hygiene.

If you were to prioritise one key training event in 2018 we’d ask you to come and be part of our Prayer Spaces in Schools training day on 10th March, taking place in St Mary’s Swansea. This is  FREE event, more details available here. PSIS training event


This is vital for so many of us can be isolated or feel like we don’t have teams around us to bounce ideas around or ask for help. Our networking events provide opportunities to share good practice, ask questions, support one another, pray together and have a good time getting to know other people who are engaged in similar ministry.

If you were to prioritise one key networking event in 2018 we’d ask you to come to our Prayer Breakfast and Networking day on Saturday 16th June in St Mary’s hall, Cardigan. We’ve had lots of different ways of networking in the past 2 years but this event aims to bring together youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, Messy Church helpers, people who work in schools, absolutely anyone who is involved in ministry with children and young people. We will also be offering training and support on this day to run our Summer Salt programme in your LMA.

Events for children

Of course this is what it’s all about, running events to bring together children from across the Diocese to share in fellowship and faith together. We have done this successfully for Sports Days, Party at the Palace and other events. It is really lovely to see the whole family of God coming together and we hope you will support our many events for children in 2018.

If you were to prioritise one key event for children in 2018 we’d ask you to bring a group along to our Pentecost Party. This will take place on Sunday 20th May….save the date!

Events for young people

Again, this is really why we do what we do. We have really built up work with young people and offered meaningful opportunities for them to get to know one another and explore faith together – as well as having lots of fun along the way.

Building on the success of the 2017 youth residential, if you were to prioritise one key event for young people in 2018 we’d ask you to promote and support our youth residential to Cardiff 6th-9th April. More details available here. Youth Res

Schools events

Schools are right at the heart of each and every community that we work on. We have worked hard at building confidence and providing resources for work in schools including assembly training and highlighting ways to bring schools into church and working with them on the curriculum.

If you were to prioritise one key event for work with schools in 2018 we’d ask you to consider using the Experience Easter or Advent Experience programme. These are available in English and in Welsh and we offer training sessions to see the Experience set up, walk through and ask questions.

Starting something new

The perfect time, right at the beginning of the year, for thinking about new beginnings. There are so many opportunities to begin new work with children and young people and we are always here to support you in whatever you want to do, help build your team, provide financial assistance, offer resources and help with leadership.

In 2018 there are two main ways to do this if you are not sure where to start. 1 – our children’s work roadshow where we work with you to develop new work with children; this could be anything from a Sunday school to a choir, from a Messy Church to an after school club. 2 – our Eden Bus roadshow 20th-25th May. This amazing resource is a double decker bus which is available to book during that period. This could go with you to a local secondary school, be an exciting new base for your young people or help reach out to a new estate or area within your LMA. Book with us now.

We hope this has helped with your plans for 2018, let’s place them all in God’s hands.


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