That’s a wrap

Advent is all about getting ready. We spend days preparing the house, the presents, the food and getting everything that we need ready for Christmas. We should of course also be preparing our hearts and minds for the coming of Jesus at Christmas and being ready to greet him at this most special time of […]

Guardians of Ancora

From our guest blogger, Mike Adams (Scripture Union Cymru) “Imagine if you will an award winning digital game, aimed at 7-11 year olds, that takes them through the stories of the New Testament in a fun and relevant way that is freely downloadable on to phones or tablets. Imagine how this could be used in […]

Final Countdown

As we move into the last week in the countdown to Christmas, here are our top 5 ideas for how to share the most important story and the message behind it all this week Use your schools! – Get in there and do whatever you can to tell the story of Christmas. In the past […]

Crib Service

For use in a crib service or similar event this Christmas The Crib She gave birth to a son, her first-born She wrapped him in swaddling clothes And laid him in a manger Because there was no room for them at the Inn Luke 2:7 The crib is the name of the simple place where […]