The Greatest Journey

Our friend Hannah Bunting has been very busy this year to create, with Dai Woolridge and the Bible Society this year’s pop up nativity.

A great alternative to tedious rehearsals and great to get all the congregation involved. Why not try it this year?

Today’s Nativity is all about the greatest journey ever. We’ll be retelling the Christmas story and we’ll be going on a Christmas journey together. But I will need help from all of you.

When I say each of these words, I need you to join in with an action:

Journey: Marching action and huffing and puffing

Big one: Stretch your arms out as far as you can

Uh-oh/Oh-no: Gasp and put your hand over your mouth

Can’t: Wag your finger and shake your head

Narrator: Now, before we do anything else, because we’re going on an adventure I need to put on my walking boots.

(Mime putting on boots)

Do you want to put your walking boots on too? Go on then.

(Wait for congregation to mime putting on their boots.)

In this story, there are four special journeys that happened over 2,000 years ago. Mary and Joseph, the wise men and even the shepherds all travelled a long way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Today, we’re going to follow in their footsteps and travel these journeys too.

Right let’s go…

There was a couple called Joseph and Mary.
They went on a journey,
All the way to Bethlehem!

Everyone: We’re going on a journey
It’s going to be a big one,

Narrator: All the way to Bethlehem
‘Cos Caesar wants to count us.
Uh-oh! Romans!
Tall, Scary Romans

Everyone: We can’t jump over them,
We can’t crawl under them

Narrator: Oh no! We’ll have to walk between them! Stepady-step, walkedy-walk, stepady step
They went together on their journey, Soon they were going to marry. And they were going to be a family, Because Mary was having a baby!

Narrator: The time came to have the baby,
But where could Joseph and Mary stay?

Everyone: We’re going on a journey
It’s going to be a big one,

Narrator: Got to find a place to stay
‘Cos Mary’s having a baby.
Uh-oh! no bed!
No big, bouncy bed!

Everyone: We can’t stay in the hotel
We can’t stay in a spare room

Narrator: Oh no! We’ll have to sleep with animals!
Ee-aw woof, ee-aw baah! ee-aw neigh

(invite the congregation to make lots of animal noises)

There was no room for them in the inn.
So Mary wrapped the baby in strips of cloth. And found a manger to lay him in.

Narrator: An angel appeared to some shepherds.
It happened in a field nearby.
The angel told them about the baby.
So they went to see with their own eyes.

Everyone: We’re going on a journey
It’s going to be a big one,

Narrator: An angel came to see us
Told us of a saviour,
So we’re going to welcome him
We’ll find him in a manger.
Uh-oh! Sheep poo! Smelly, stinky poo

Everyone: We can’t fly over it
We can’t tip toe round it

Narrator: Oh no! We’ll have to tread on it!
Tread-sqwelch, tread-sqwelch,
tread- sqwelch
They rushed off to find the baby.
And everyone was amazed!
It was just as the angel said.
And they gave God their praise.

Narrator: Some wise men had seen a star in the sky
And knew a king was to be born.
So they followed the star
They went to worship and adore.

Everyone: We’re going on a journey
It’s going to be a big one,

Narrator: Following the shiny star
To worship the baby King,
We’ve got loads of presents
Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense.
Uh-oh! King Herod!
Mean, nasty King Herod

Everyone: We can’t listen to Herod
We can’t say where Jesus is.

Narrator: Oh no! We’ll have to leave another way.
Humpety-hump, clopaty-clop, humpety-hump.

(Invite the congregation to join in with humpety- humping and clopaty-clopping!

They found him and were filled with joy
The wise men were so happy!
So they were careful not to tell King Herod
And they travelled home a different way.

Narrator: It’s been a long journey for Mary and Joseph,
it’s been a long journey for the shepherds,
it’s been a long journey for the wise men!

Everyone: We’ve gone on a journey

But we’re so glad we did,

Narrator: We met someone special
But who was it?
Big brown eyes
And big cheeks,
10 tiny toes
On 2 tiny feet

Everyone: Why it’s Jesus!

Narrator: Quick – tell everyone!
Going home another way
Humpety-hump, clopaty-clop, humpaty-hump.
Back through the sheep poo
Tread-sqwelch, tread-sqwelch, tread-sqwelch.
Saying ‘so long’ to the animals
Ee-aw woof, ee-aw baah! ee-aw neigh.
Mind the Romans
Stepady-step, walkedy-walk, stepady step
And finally we’re home!
You know,
Jesus went on a journey
It really was the BIGGEST one,
All the way from Heaven
‘Cos he came to save us,
He came to live on earth with us
‘Cos he loves us very much.

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