Advent ideas

Advent is drawing near and this is a really great time for encouraging families to explore the message of Advent and Christmas together in their own homes. Here are some great ideas and resources to help them to do that together

  1. The Real Advent Calendar. This great product from the Meaningful Chocolate company can be given out in a family service or through schools or just encourage families to buy their own. The calendar comes with the story of Christmas and there are more resources available through the website too
  2. ADVENTure from our friend Ali Campbell at The Resource. An amazing free e-resource with family devotionals during Advent. Printed copies are also available from CPO – see more information here
  3. Star at the Stable – Scripture Union Cymru have excelled yet again with this concept. They encourage you to use it at Christmas lights ‘switch on’ events or Christmas markets, somewhere outdoors where lots of people gather. All you need is a stable scene of some kind and some costumes for adults and children alike to dress up in. They also have a resource available to give out. People can take their own photos on their phones or you can take pictures on a camera and ask for email addresses to send them to. What an amazing piece of seasonal outreach LET US KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE HELP/RESOURCES TO RUN THIS!
  4. Classic resources such as Jesse Tree and Las Posadas like we highlighted last year are always just as relevant and great for families to do at home or to do in church.
  5. Shepherd_ArticleShepherd on the Search. This resource is AMAZING and is a great alternative to ‘Elf on the shelf’. This is available to purchase but at quite a high price. If you would like a version of this for FREE with the storybook text to accompany, a handmade shepherd and the activity cards for the days of Advent please email

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