Work with us, work with your schools

Advent Experience is a programme written by Clare Williams along the same lines as the Experience Easter programme written by Gloucester Diocese. This can be used and adapted for churches to work with their local schools to re-tell the wonderful and beautiful story of Christmas from the Christian viewpoint of Advent—watching and waiting. The story […]

Plans for 2018

We are delighted to present to you our Calendar of events for 2018 There are loads of exciting opportunities on offer and we really hope you will take advantage of a good number of them. The whole document is available at the end of this post but we also want to highlight a few special […]

Why are you reading this?

This blog for children and youth ministry in St Davids Diocese has now been running for nearly two years, there have been just over 100 posts and the blog is updated every single Tuesday without fail with a new set of ideas, resources or information about events coming up. We are delighted that we have […]

Children and Youth Champions

At the Diocesan Conference this year we launched our new scheme ‘Children and Youth Champions’. We are asking for people who are committed to the cause of championing children and youth ministry. This can mean you are actively involved in running a group, helping in school, developing family services, bringing your own children along to […]