Summer stories

This year Summer Salt – whilst being a little damp – has been no less successful! We have been out and about in Borth, Lampeter Velfrey, Llanelli, Haverfordwest, Neyland, Dafen and Penrhyn-coch with lots of children, young people and families joining in.


Our games and activities have been based on the miracles of Jesus with our most popular sessions aptly being based on the ‘water miracles’ the calming of the storm and walking on water.

A BIG thank you to all those places that have engaged with this project this year.

Some good news stories

– despite the rain in Llanelli and the session having to take place indoors, a family was reached who had been trying to get in touch with their local church. With 4 children and a hunger to be part of a church family this was a real success of the day.

– in Borth 3 days back to back were possible with even some sunshine and over 15 children attended the sessions.

– Summer Salt was used in Haverfordwest to kick-start work with children and young people with the churches from September, working in an area of the community where there is very little contact with the local church.

We hope you might think about having Summer Salt in your area next year, or why not work with us and use the sessions to have a whole 3 day holiday club? Get planning now!


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