Brollies, BBQ and the Bishop!

Brollies not parasols were the order of the day when Bishop Joanna welcomed the children, youth and families of the diocese to Abergwili.

PalaceParty2-300x200 The family day was organised by the Children & Youth team and Plant Dewi so that they could meet the Bishop in an informal setting. And they came by the dozen, young and not so young.
The fun and games actually took place in the garden of the old Bishop’s Palace, now the Carmarthenshire County Museum.
Sadly, the unexpected wet weather forced those enjoying the festivities to find shelter under the trees, rather than on picnic rugs. But it in no way dampened people’s enthusiasm.
The centrepiece of the occasion was provided by the diocesan Youth Forum who conducted an interview with the Bishop.
It provided some revealing detail: it transpires our Bishop is a fan of Dr Who and dark Scandinavian police dramas; a fan, also, of Loudon Wainwright III and husband Adrian’s paella.
Nevertheless, she doubtless managed to find something suitable on the barbecue.
“Today has been an opportunity for young people from different parts of the diocese to meet up and get to know each other, as well as the Bishop,” Children and Youth Co-ordinator Clare Williams told Pobl Dewi, “a chance to share, eat, play and pray together.”


Here is what one of the youth forum writes about the day;

“On the 31st of May, my family and I attended the Party at the Palace, an event organised so children and members of the Youth Forum could learn more about the bishop while enjoying a barbecue, crafts and activities. The event took place outside Abergwili museum in Carmarthen. Members of the Youth Forum were given the chance to interview the bishop in front of the large crowd that attended the event and others could meet and chat with the bishop in the museum. We had fun learning a new song and entering a competition to design a mitre for the bishop, which she then judged at the end of the day. Each child was sent home with a goodie bag explaining fun ways to pray throughout the week. One of the younger members of our Sunday School said “I had a brilliant day and I especially loved the face paints and the song”. I just hope the bishop survived our tough questions!”

Poppy Evans 13, The Youth Forum



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