Spinning the Trinity

Sunday 11th June is Trinity Sunday The craze this time last year was ‘Pokemon Go’ and how well we all remember the groups of children stepping out into the road and hanging around in public spaces trying to catch a rare Pokemon! There is good and bad in all the crazes which hit our screens […]

The Schools Bible Project

                  This is a literacy project connected to Bible stories for secondary schools across the UK. Choose one of the events, read about it, think about it, then write about it as if you had actually been present. You can choose one of the characters and write […]

Pray for 5

Thy Kingdom Come is an initiative which was begun last year and is highly endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England. Last year we provided some resources about creative prayer stations on the Lord’s Prayer  – which we hope you will use again, particularly for work with children, young people and […]

Party at the Palace

This is our invitation to ALL of the Diocese, children, youth groups, churches and families from all areas for a FREE party at the palace and an opportunity to meet our new Bishop The day will take place at Abergwili Museum, the old site of the Bishop’s palace. Parking will be available there. 11am – […]

Outdoor Church

The sun is shining and as we begin this new term it can be one of the most enjoyable times to work with children and young people. After the stress of exams is over we can begin to enjoy more time in the great outdoors, time spent enjoying one another’s company and sharing things in […]