Camera Challenge

Maybe you’re looking for something to do with your families during the holidays but don’t have a team or resources?

Maybe you are looking for a fundraising idea that can involve families as a whole?

Maybe you are planning a youth activity or weekend away?

Maybe you could offer this as a way to reach out to young people or families?

This idea has been used in ALL those contexts. It’s fun, adaptable, can be free or make a small charge to raise funds. As long as you have a responsible adult (either parent or youth leader – depending on the context you are using it in) you don’t really need anything else.

You can use it with families in cars, young people in groups or however you want to make it work for you. Use it with Messy Church or your whole church family! Use it to link with a Bible story or finish with a meal together. Great fun!

We used it as part of the youth residential last week so if some of your young people came on that it might be a great reminder to use with them in the summer or get more young people involved too.


Camera Challenge

The Rules

  1. Your team must stay together at all times with your adult
  2. Your team must be able to fit into one car (if using!)
  3. Your team must use one camera/mobile phone to take the pictures on
  4. Only one image is to be submitted for each challenge
  5. All teams must be back by …………….
  6. All teams must act safely and sensibly and be polite when speaking to other people
  7. If there is a problem at any time please ring …………………
  8. If you are unable to take a photo for any of the challenges just leave the box blank
  9. Unless otherwise stated all team members must be in the photo (excluding one to take the photo where necessary).
  10. Please drive safely, this is not a race, points are awarded for creativity as well as for the photos themselves. You do not have to complete the photo challenges in any particular order.
Team name Team members








  Photo Challenge Taken (please tick) Points achievable Points awarded (including extra for creativity) To be filled in by the adjudicator
1 Team with yellow car   20  
2 Team on swings   10  
3 Team walking dog   40  
4 Team pushing teammate in wheel barrow   10  
5 Team near a cow or other animal which is not a pet   50  
6 Team doing YMCA dance in a public area   20  
7 Someone who is not taking part in the Camera Challenge holding paper with your team name on it   20  
8 Team recreating a Disney scene in a public area   40  
9 Someone who is not taking part in the Camera Challenge giving piggy-back-ride to teammate   20  
10 Team blowing bubbles   10  
11 Team with their feet off the ground   20  
12 Team member hugging a lamppost   10  
13 Team recreating a Bible story in a public area   40  
14 Team with a Christian symbol (not in a church!)   30  
15 Team with a clock at 10 past the hour   50  
16 Team at ……………………(local landmark)   20  
17 Team next to the street name sign ………………………………   20  
18 Team by a cinema/theatre poster for any film/event (or use other local feature)   20  
19 Team throwing stones into the sea (or using other local feature)   10  
20 Team by the building with the telephone number ……………………(use ‘phone number for local public building)   40  
Total achievable Total awarded (including extra for creativity)






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