Summer Salt


Summer Salt is a fantastic programme developed by Scripture Union which does exactly what it says on the tin ‘giving families a taste of Jesus’. It is a great form of outreach, a real way to be present in your community and in some areas also offers the added bonus of offering something to visitors.

This year we have run Summer Salt in 3 areas across the Diocese in 3 weeks during August.

What happened in Borth

“For a small church wanting to do things it was truly a game changer….we had 14 each day, mostly locals but a few holiday makers, totalling 20 in all over the 2 days. The church were truly over-joyed when they heard about it in the prayer meeting on the Wednesday afternoon. 2 of the members 82 & 85 years old became Christians through a similar thing on Borth beach during their childhood but sadly the church has not been on the beach for 30 odd years. They are very keen to do it again next year”

What happened in Milford Haven

“It was great to see the Parish of Milford Haven involved as a whole in the Summer Salt Project.  Many donated resources and money to get it up and running and others gave their time and energy to help with the sessions. The whole parish was actively involved in mission in the community. We had a hugely positive response with over 50 children (and some parents!) taking part in sessions in different places over a few days. Most of these children have had little or nothing to do with the church at all. It was so exciting to bring the Good News of the Gospel to people in different estates across our town who are less likely to walk into the church building. We are already planning for next year to run on a day a week throughout the summer holidays.”

What happened in Lampeter Velfrey “We had a very successful day. Both the adults and the children enjoyed themselves whilst absorbing the story of the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5000. We hope this will encourage the children to join us in our regular worship.”

All of these were very different contexts. Borth is a seaside town with a small community and church, in that situation the church was able to make a real difference to its group of children as well as reaching out to the high numbers of holiday makers in that area.

In Milford Haven there are not many summer visitors but some parts of the town are areas of deprivation and this where the church wished to be present and to serve a need in its community. This situation enabled the church to make contact with new families and make a positive impact in their community.

Lampeter Velfrey is a small village with the church at the heart. Opposite the church is a lovely play area and green space. This is where Summer Salt took place (except one day where we retreated to the hall in the rain!) and really brought life to the community during the summer. The church community (which currently has only a few children involved at the moment) was able to show that it is welcoming and accommodating to children and families and has plans to put on more events this autumn.

Here is what we did in each area Summer Salt Planning. Think about it, pray about it and plan it! Let’s see Summer Salt taking place all across the Diocese next August. Let us know we can pray for you, help you plan and lead sessions and provide some resources.


One thought on “Summer Salt

  1. Congratulations and many thanks to Clare and the various volunteers around the diocese who made Summer Salt work so well! It was designed to be flexible and adaptable according to needs in each different place, and you did that really well. If more places want to run it next year than Clare has days available, we – Scripture Union – would be happy to come and help too!


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