Summer Salt

Summer Salt is a fantastic programme developed by Scripture Union which does exactly what it says on the tin ‘giving families a taste of Jesus’. It is a great form of outreach, a real way to be present in your community and in some areas also offers the added bonus of offering something to visitors. […]


Mark 9:50 Salt is good. But suppose it loses its saltiness. How can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves.” We are called to be salt, salt and light. We are not only to flavour the world around us but to let that flavour and aroma of Christ shine out into the world […]

Summer Camp

During the summer holidays and at other times throughout the year there are all sorts of opportunities for you to take your children and young people away to a camp or residential event. These are really important opportunities to deepen the faith of our young people, to give them a chance to be with other […]

Opportunity for reflection (3)

In our final opportunity for reflection on discipleship we will look at the question of age appropriate disciples vs. whole family approach. Different groups have different approaches to this of course. Something like Messy Church or a more traditional Family Service will look to have parents, children, young people together as whole family groups from […]