Opportunity for reflection (2)

Last week as term ended we paused to reflect. This week we continue in our series thinking about discipleship. We began by thinking about how people come to believe and now we continue by considering how we nurture that belief and help them to grow in discipleship. The key way we can do this of […]

Opportunity for reflection (1)

Most children are finishing school this week, it is the hottest day of the year so far, lots of people are on holiday or getting ready to go away. Whether you are at school or at work summer’s arrival can give us an opportunity for reflection as a church and as a family. If you […]

A question of Sport

Sport is a really great way to get children and young people interested and involve the whole family too. It’s a great time for British sport at the moment with Wales’ success in getting to the Semi Finals in the Euros and Andy Murray’s big win at Wimbledon on the weekend. Sports people can be […]

Spree Wales 2016

As I travel around the Diocese very often I am asked ‘what do we do, we haven’t got any young people?’ or sometimes people tell me ‘there aren’t any young people in churches in this Diocese’. Well  yes, numbers may be small in some places, and young people may be few and far between in […]