Here comes Summer

Summer is here and with it we have a few months of the great outdoors, holiday time is just around the corner, there are lots of activities on offer for children and young people in the community and hopefully, we will have some sun-filled days!


Summer is a great time for thinking afresh about new ways to reach out to children, families and young people. Because there is so much on, and yet so much time (no school!) there are real, positive opportunities to provide fun activities as well as serving a need in your community.

Summer Salt is a programme devised by Scripture Union and we are delighted to be using it this summer. It is being offered to parishes or Ministry Areas as a new way to do outreach – particularly with young people – in your local community. It needs very little planning or resources, a volunteer team of around 5/6 people, no need to do huge amounts of publicity and the beauty is that it literally ‘pops up’. Using resources provided by the Diocesan Team such as a parachute, gazebo, games and storytelling material the team will ‘pop up’ for a day or a few days in an outside space (with a wet weather contingency plan) to have games, stories, crafts and activities on the theme of the feeding of the 5000. There will also be an opportunity to end the week with an opportunity for further outreach by having an event in a church building. Summer Salt has one week left in August which you could book 15-20 is available, think and pray about it and get in touch for more information or to book

Another way to get involved this summer is to be part of an event that is happening in your community e.g. a Carnival.

Why not; – have a stall with information about the church and some fun activities for children – provide some games outdoors alongside the other activities using something like a parachute – give away drinks/ice lollies or something similar for free, perhaps attaching a leaflet about church events – join in the fun by having a church float or procession in the carnival – Have some carnival/circus themed activities on offer  e.g. juggling, balloon modelling, drumming workshop, crafty carnival decorations, mask making, dance workshop

Finally – think about enjoying the great outdoors with your children and young people – have an outdoor family service, picnic in the park, come along to SPREE with us on 2nd July, arrange a trip to a local attraction for your young people, hold a sleepover.

And have some fun in your children and youth groups

Summer Children’s group planning

Youth Group Planning Summer

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