Reflection – 2 months on

I have now been in post just over two months.

In that time I have seen such a heart for this work in the Diocese of St Davids. The number of requests for prayer just shows how much people desire this work and ministry to be happening more and more throughout our churches.

Initially I was both surprised and encouraged by the numbers of groups that exist and how many children and young people we have regular contact with. Look out for a report with statistics and recommendations coming soon..

I am endeavouring to visit groups as well as providing support and resources. I hope if you haven’t had a visit yet and would like one that we can get a date in the diary soon – please do contact me.

I am also keen to provide things that people need to get things going. This year there are plans for;
Holiday Club Taster Days, a visit to SPREE on Saturday 2nd July (children/young people aged 8-14) ‘Pop-up’ Mission Weeks, a Messy Church Roadshow, a Youth Work roadshow, plans to establish a youth forum and a worship band to bring together young people from across the Diocese, and much more!

Again, please do get in touch to find out more and to book some of these opportunities.

As well as this there will be training, workshops, ideas provided, safeguarding support and training, ‘one-off’ days and events for children and young people.

By the end of this most special week our Lent Project will be complete. We will have reached over 300 children with the message of Easter during our 3 week project in the 3 Archdeaconries with 3 different schools.

This project was so early on in this new work and ministry but just goes to show what we already have – we have a heart for this work, a desire to see children and young people know the Christian message, and where there are teams of people, such things are possible.


We also already have great resources at our feet. Schools are a huge resource and this is why this project was the first undertaken in the new strategy for Children and Youth Work in the Diocese. It is my hope that Experience Easter and other similar projects will happen in these areas again and the good work will spread. I also hope that others will feel inspired by what is possible in just a few weeks to find out more and pioneer this or a similar project in your area.

Our schools really do matter. Please take some time to pray about how you can work with your school. Perhaps you can use this document, make a booklet and take it to your local schools, just to show how much you want to work together. You may be surprised at the results!

Your school matters to us

Finally, it is such a blessing to have seen over 300 children really experiencing Easter this year. I hope and pray that as the year goes on we will have reached out to over 1000 children and young people in many different ways in this Diocese.


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